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     The Last Day of Prophecy: Discover the Rest of the Story is coming to our church Monday, March 21 at 7pm! Join Amazing Facts as Pastor Doug Batchelor presents the fullness of God’s seventh-day Sabbath in a one-of-a-kind outreach series. Our church is a host site, so please invite your friends and family to learn the beautiful truths about the Sabbath. For more information, visit



All times Eastern. Progam names, descriptions, and resources coming soon.


Program Schedule

All times Eastern.


Program 1. — Monday, March 21, 7:00pm
Title: The Secret Cycle in Prophecy
Subject: The 7,000-year prophecy pattern


Program 2. — Tuesday, March 22, 7:00pm
Title: The Lost Day of History
Subject: What is the Sabbath?


Program 3. — Wednesday, March 23, 7:00pm
Title: Treasure from the Golden Ark
Subject: God's Law and the Sabbath


Program 4. — Thursday, March 24, 7:00pm
Title: The RESToration of Life
Subject: The Sabbath and Health


Program 5. — Friday, March 25, 7:00pm
Title: History's Holy Hoax
Subject: What about Sunday?


Program 6. — Saturday, March 26, 11:00am
Title: Satan's Mark & God's Seal — Decision Card Night
Subject: The Sabbath and Prophecy


Program 7. — Saturday, March 26, 7:00pm
Title: The Final War Over Worship — Decision Card Night
Subject: The Sabbath and USA in Bible Prophecy

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